• Pancake Art Livestream Roundup 08-30-2020 Pancake Art Livestream Donation Roundup – August 30, 2020 by Benjamin Daniel (09/01/2020) Another Sunday has passed, and another donation livestream has occurred! I’d like to thank Reece, Kaithlyn, Beth, Kaitlin, and Kerry for their donations and great pancake art requests. They really help us in keeping the lights on in these strange times.  See you all next week! Posted In: Dancakes Updates
  • Pancake Art Donation Livestream Roundup 08-09-2020 Pancake Art Livestream Donation Roundup – August 09, 2020 by Benjamin Daniel (08/10/2020) All of the donation requests from our requests only pancake art livestream on August 09, 2020. Posted In: Dancakes Updates
  • Pancake Art Livestream Donation Roundup – August 02, 2020 by Benjamin Daniel (08/05/2020) You request ’em, we make em! Here’s all of our donation requests from this previous livestream. Big thanks to everyone that donated, you’ve earned a special place in our hearts. 💖 Posted In: Dancakes Updates
  • Pancake Art Livestream Donation Roundup – July 26, 2020 by Benjamin Daniel (07/28/2020) Another weekend gone, and another fantastic livestream under our belts. We want to that watched and donated from the bottom of our hearts, every little bit goes a long way towards keeping the lights on in our pancake art studio during these crazy and difficult times.  We had a lot of great requests, and rather … Posted In: Dancakes Updates
  • Dancakes On Air Neon Sign Chaos & Structure – Pancake Art in the Era of COVID-19 by Benjamin Daniel (06/13/2020) What does an events company do when events are no longer thing? I guess we're about to find out. Posted In: Dancakes Updates
  • Dancakes Mad Art Gallery Showing The Dancakes Team Reflects on the Past Year by Benjamin Daniel (01/01/2020) 2019 was one of the most fruitful years in Dancakes short history. So much has happened, and is happening that we thought we should get the Dancakes Team to mark some of our highlights from our last revolution around the sun while we barrel forward into the next one at 67,000 mph. Posted In: Dancakes Updates
  • The Why, How & History of the Dancakes Name by Benjamin Daniel (11/12/2019) We get a lot of questions about why we use the name “Dancakes”, which is fair, only one of our chef’s jackets has the name “Dan” on it. What usually follows is an abbreviated answer about why we decided to keep the name. Now, I’m more than happy to keep answering that question until the … Posted In: Dancakes Stories
  • Comfort is a Trap, Don’t Fall for It by Benjamin Daniel (09/18/2019) Purpose is a welcome curse. A spell cast upon you that gives you a drive and ambition to achieve something. It permeates your thoughts and informs nearly every decision you make. You invest money and time into planting seeds that may never bloom, and if they don’t, you go back and do it all over again. Posted In: Personal/Opinion
  • Ben and Dan - Cigars and Stripes How I Met Daniel Drake and Became a Dancakes Artist by Benjamin Daniel (07/23/2019) It was a hot day in Austin, which isn’t saying much. When isn’t it hot in Austin? It would probably be more interesting to start this story with, “It was an inconceivably cold day in Austin,” But alas, truth, no matter how insignificant rues the day...

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  • Welcome to the NEW Dancakes.com! by Benjamin Daniel (07/06/2019) The only constant in life is change, and here we are again, the same place but a different destination. I’ve spent the last couple of months piecing together this site in whatever off time I’ve had from our ridiculous pancaking adventures. Going through multiple iterations and ideas to try and land on something simple, fast, … Posted In: Dancakes Updates