Featured Pancake Art – Beast – Last Chance To Get It!

The auction for this guy ends soon, and it couldn't be more bittersweet to see him go...

Dana here;  my heart aches knowing the auction for this pancake will be ending very soon, and that I’ll have to see this one go. This is likely my most complex and DEFINITELY my most time-consuming pancake to date, and I’ve grown very attached. I adore how it came out, the lighting, the expression, the details… and oh how it looks exceptional in person. However, I know he’ll find a great home, hanging proudly on the wall of some eccentric art enthusiast, or Disney enthusiast, or pancake enthusiast, or perhaps all three. I hope they love him like I love him, perfectly preserved and adorned in a royal purple, hand-made frame, forever frowning and guarding his withering rose. So, for anyone who may be interested, who cowers beneath his glowering glare,  I ask humbly, just one last time… 

Will you be his new family? 🥞

Beast Pancake Art #shorts

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