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  • Dancakes - Mistakes are Delicious Podcast - Title Card Mistakes are Delicious – Episode 1 – We started a podcast! by Hank Gustafson (7/2/2020) From the knuckleheads who brought you Dancakes, it’s Mistakes Are Delicious, a podcast based off of the company’s motto and featuring the surreal ramblings of a bunch of Pancake Art nerds. Category: Dancakes Updates
  • Dancakes On Air Neon Sign Chaos & Structure – Pancake Art in the Era of COVID-19 by Benjamin Daniel (6/13/2020) What does an events company do when events are no longer thing? I guess we're about to find out. Category: Dancakes Updates
  • Dan and Dana of Dancakes on Good Morning America Pancake Day – We’ve Come Full Circle by Daniel Drake (3/30/2020)

    Life continues to find ways to surprise me.

    If there’s one thing I value more than any other, it’s novel experiences. Having the opportunity to do something for the first time brings so much flavor and joy to my world. Most importantly, it changes me as a person. It expands …

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  • Dana as Kevin from The Office Spilling Batter The Making of The Office Pancake Art by Dana Baldus (3/14/2020)

    Running Dancakes is a real clusterheck of a job. We’re a small company trying to do a lot of things, and  as most small business owners know that means we’re all wearing as many hats as possible to help us move forward and continue growing (social media, web content, filming/editing …

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  • Over The Hill Xing It’s Happened, I’m 30 now. by Daniel Drake (2/17/2020)

    Oh lord. It’s here. I’m 30.

    While acknowledging that several of my cohorts have been over 30 for years, this is the first time that *I’VE* been thirty so I’m gonna blog about it.

    It’s significant, right? The decade. We think about our lives in terms of decades, even if, …

    Category: Personal/Opinion
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pancake Art Martin Luther King Jr. Pancake Art by Daniel Drake (1/20/2020)

    (This might be posted a bit late due to my own mild incompetence 😅 but better late than never, I suppose)

    Hey guys. Dan here. 

    If you happen to follow me on any of my personal channels, you’ll probably be aware that I can be more than a little outspoken. …

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  • Dancakes Mad Art Gallery Showing The Dancakes Team Reflects on the Past Year by Benjamin Daniel (1/1/2020) 2019 was one of the most fruitful years in Dancakes short history. So much has happened, and is happening that we thought we should get the Dancakes Team to mark some of our highlights from our last revolution around the sun while we barrel forward into the next one at 67,000 mph. Category: Dancakes Updates
  • 2009-2019 – Dancakes Artist Jenny Looks Back 10 Years by Jenny Harrison (12/20/2019)

    10 years, and it has been quite the fantastic journey!


    Both photos capture me on a winter adventure 💖. In winter 2009, I was a sophomore, studying animation at CSUF. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, …

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  • Dragon About to Breathe Fire Live Pancake Art A Return Form, Lee Goldberg, Back in the Saddle by Lee Goldberg (12/1/2019)

    Hey friends, it’s your favorite Phoenician and Dancakes Artist Lee!

    Life has been crazy, four months ago my partner and I had the sweetest, most beautiful baby boy, a wondrous little flapjack named Miles.

    One of the many side effects of having a child is that I haven’t been able …

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