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Framed & Preserved Pancake Art

Food art isn’t temporary anymore.

  • Bernie Sanders Mittens - Preserved Pancake Art
    Framed and preserved pancake art of the Bernie Sanders Mittens meme.

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  • Dr. Phil Preserved Pancake Art
    Dr. Phil Pancake Art

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  • Eddie Van Halen "Tribute" Preserved Pancake Art
    Eddie Van Halen Pancake Art

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  • Lying Cat (Saga - Graphic Novel) Preserved Pancake Art
    Lying Cat (Saga - Graphic Novel) Pancake Art

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  • "Girl and Her Horse" Preserved Pancake Art
    Girl and Her Horse Pancake Art

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  • Great A'Tuin, The World Turtle Preserved Pancake Art
    Flat Earth Sea Turtle Pancake Art

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  • Cthulu Eats The World Preserved Pancake Art
    Cthulu Eats The World Pancake Art

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  • Brendan Urie Preserved Pancake Art
    Brendan Urie Pancake Art

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  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) Preserved Pancake Art
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) Pancake Art

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  • Owlbear (Dungeons and Dragons) Preserved Pancake Art
    Owlbear (Dungeons and Dragons) Pancake Art

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Pancake Art Supplies & Equipment

Designed by Pancake Artists for Pancake Art.

  • The Dancakes Palette Expansion Bundle
    The Dancakes Palette Expansion Bundle - Save Money. Get Batter.

    $27.89 $26.50 Add to cart

  • The Dancakes PACK (Pancake Art Color Kit) The Dancakes PACK (Pancake Art Color Kit)

    $17.99 Add to cart

  • The Pancake Art Batter Pen Pancake Art Batter Pen

    $0.99 Add to cart

  • The Dancakes Pancake Art Kit Dancakes Pancake Art Griddle With Cakes

    $89.99 Add to cart

Dancakes Merchandise

Get your Dancakes swag here.

  • Vintage Jersey T-shirt with Contrast Trim

    $15.00Select options

  • All of the Pancake Art Stickers
    All the Stickers

    $14.00 $10.00 Add to cart

  • Yubaba from Spirited Away - Pancake Art Sticker Yubaba Sticker - Jenny

    $2.00 Add to cart

  • Sahuagin from DnD - Pancake Art Sticker DnD Sticker - Lee

    $2.00 Add to cart

  • Joaquin Phoenix from Joker - Pancake Art Sticker Joker Sticker - Dan

    $2.00 Add to cart

  • Galaxy Lion - Pancake Art Sticker Galaxy Lion Sticker - Dana

    $2.00 Add to cart

  • Hot Dog - Pancake Art Sticker Hot Dog Sticker - Ben

    $2.00 Add to cart

  • Mimic from DnD - Panacke Art Sticker DnD Mimic Sticker - Dan

    $2.00 Add to cart

  • Classic Logo Vinyl Sticker Dancakes Logo Sticker

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  • Dancakes Classic Logo T-shirt
    Dancakes Logo T-Shirt - Blue

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