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Feeling Froggy with the Franco-Mendez Bros.

For this post we’re going weekly as we summarize Dana’s past three Joy of Pancakes.  The first stream started out with a work task as the crew aimed to join in on the Animaniacs Intro Meme.  After making the Warner Bros. and the Warner Sister, Dana proceeded to make a freehanded ice fox piece, revisiting a prompt from a previous request stream that she wanted to try in more detail.  For a final freehand prompted piece, she was joined by her girlfriend, Gina, as they got to be silly together while making a salamander and hedgehog sporting shirts only true fashion icons wear.

On Monday, Dana took Dan’s place as he was busy with a super, secret project (which we’ll happily gush about when we’re able, hopefully before the spring), and decided to do a theme based on a prompt from the last request livestream; frogs.  She had made a tree frog on that stream, and decided to do a long-form version of the previous piece.  The rest of the stream was filled with good lads, lasses, and units.

Finally, her most recent stream yielded to her a white whale challenge, Shawn Mendez.  Dan had a similar challenge not long ago when he tried to make Bill Hader, resulting in numerous fun, nicknamed tries.  Whether Dana revisits this particular face on the griddle will be up to her, but she has vowed to tackle another celebrity soon.

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