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JOP25 | Mental Photography

Not sure how many of you are aware, but I’ve spent a lot of time dabbling in photography. I originally bought my camera and lenses for video production, and promptly proceeded to do very little of it. Luckily my camera (Sony A7S II) also happens to take really nice photos. It has a fairly low megapixel count (12MP to be exact), but the flipside of that being that I can work in almost any lighting condition without a flash. On the rare occasion I do use flash, it’s almost exclusively for effect and not because I need the light.

Anyways, the whole point of that overly long explanation is that, before the end times, I spent a large portion of my time traveling to make pancake art at live events. A lot of times I would take my trusty camera and a handful of lenses with me and go on a few walkabouts to see what I could find through my lens. 

Most of the results aren’t worth mentioning, but occasionally I would snap something that I would be really proud of. And I’ve always had the idea of translating some of my photographs into pancake art, but for whatever reason never gave it a go. On this episode of Joy of Pancakes I decided to change that and chose two of my favourite photographs.

This turned into a much longer stream than I originally anticipated. I’ll admit that I made my decision on what to make somewhat last minute and I think it caused me to not consider the difficulty level of these pieces (the second one in particular). However, even though they both took quite a while, I’m extremely happy with the results and I’m most definitely looking forward to doing more of these in the future.


Unfortunately we lost internet for about 15 minutes at the studio towards the end of the stream and had to start a new video to finish it off. Here’s the tail end of the stream.

JOP25 Mental Photography | Joy of Pancakes ep. 25 (Part 2)

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