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Making Lofi Art to Hifi Screams

Monday’s Joy of Pancakes was a multi-purpose project.  First, Daniel wanted to join in on a contest that ChilledCow, the channel behind the lofi beats to relax and study to, where artists were to incorporate the mascot female character into original art.  As Ben has done in the past, Dan created an original sketch to then transfer onto the griddle.  While the stream had a rocky start because of tech, the wonderful stuff that makes life both easier and harder at the same time, he persevered and was able to finish his original piece.  Since there was plenty of batter leftover, he then created the classic design many viewers of the channel are used to.  We enjoy being a channel where others get to enjoy our long-form pieces with us, and getting to use the subject of music these are often created to was a wonderful journey.

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