Dancakes Owner/Manager/Media – Hank Gustafson (St. Louis, MO)

Hank Gustafson - Co-Owner/Manager/Media

Hank Gustafson
Saint Louis, MO

I’m the guy to call.

Meaning if you want to talk Dancakes, book Dancakes, or have Dancakes make a video I’m the guy that’ll help make it happen.

I met Dan through our mutual friend Mike. Mike worked with Dan at the infamous diner where Dan started slinging his first unique pancakes. I was told Dan was looking for someone to film a music video for his band; I was an amateur video guy. We met, we talked, we laughed and….we never made the music video but we did become fast friends.

Skip ahead just 3 months (to November 2013) and Dan texts me saying that he was on the front page of Reddit; a picture of him making a Mario Mushroom pancake had gone viral.

A few days later a local news station that had caught wind of the phenomenon filmed a story on Dan at the diner. I headed to his apartment to watch the story with him on the 5 o’clock news. The segment airs, it’s charming and feels like the perfect end to this 15 minutes of fame.

While we’re sitting there, Dan mentions that an intern at the Today Show called and asked him to make the faces of the hosts and then send her a pic of them, but he hadn’t heard back since. Then his phone rings: It’s the Today Show producer and they want him on the show in 2 days. “You fly out tomorrow!” I ask if he needs a friend to join him; he did.

We fly to New York, he goes on the show, I chill in the green room with Charlie Sheen’s doctor. It’s crazy.

We get back and people start calling for events. We end up doing local events throughout 2014, and at the end of that year Dan wants to make a pancake art video. I figured he’d suggest something like a Mario Mushroom time lapse (since that was the pancake that went viral in the first place), but no; Dan wants to make all 151 Pokemon as our first pancake art video. “Go big or go home,” he says. We filmed and edited it over 3 days, posted it on our newly created Dancakes YouTube, and the next day, we wake up to virality. Calls came in from around country and around the world asking if we could do live performances.

Dan is not the best with handling logistics; before I was seriously involved, gigs were dropped left and right. I, on the other hand, am good with logistics. “I’ll handle the business side, you handle the pancakes,” I told him. Thus, Dancakes was born.

Since then Dan and I have traveled to several foreign countries, preformed gigs in almost every major US city, and have made videos for huge brands. It was me and him for 2+ years and it was crazy, interesting and more than anything amazing.

Now I handle booking events and for multiple pancake artists, as our team has grown since the beginning.

So if you ever need to book Dancakes for anything, you’ll probably be hearing my voice soon.

We have a crazy job!

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What's the weirdest request you've ever gotten?

So I was a pancake artist when we started the company in 2014, but we quickly realized with Dan being the better pancake artist and me being the better business manager I quickly shifted out of being a pancake artist and solely focused on running the business.

But, when I was an artist for that short year I did make a pancake of Robocop riding a Unicorn and that was pretty cool.

Are there any things you still struggle with in pancake art?

The little of pancake art I’ve done since I stopped doing it for the business has been rough. So I still struggle the to get the basics down, fortunately I am around the best teachers.

What's your favorite breakfast restaurant?

Eggs benedict, hand down.

What's the coolest place you've traveled to?

Definitely Singapore. Dan and I traveled there in 2018 to teach children pancake art. I was a great experience because not only were Dan and I shown the city by our now good friends Ben and Pearl, but I learned I am a really good teacher when it comes to kids and pancake art. So that feels good.

Are your pancakes edible?

Yep, eaten a good amount, preserved even more.

Pineapple on pizza?

All day, add ham and peppers and you’ll never get me to leave.