Lee Goldberg - Pancake Artist for Dancakes

Lee Goldberg
Dancakes Artist
Phoenix, AZ

In 2014, I was a cook at a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility in Phoenix. During a brunch I made someone sunny side up eggs and I gotta say they looked like eye balls. So obviously I had to make the rest of the face out of hash browns, bacon, and sausage.

One day I had a resident helping me serve breakfast and he asked if I had ever heard of pancake art. I had not. I spent the rest of the day pouring over pictures and videos. I decided to try it using coffee filters and left over batter (think piping bag).

Let me tell you those pancakes looked…bad. Really bad. They were, however, the most fun I’d had in a long time.

I reached out to Dancakes about tips for improving my technique, and holy cow they responded. We became friends and after a year or so, they invited me to apprentice with them.

Fast forward to now, I travel the world making pancake art for wonderful people.

I’m the resident geek of the company and I love table top roll playing games. I always have a D20 in my pocket because, you never know.