The Dancakes Pancake Art Kit

The Dancakes Pancake Art Kit

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  • Specially designed electric griddle to create pancake art at home. The specially shaped 1500 watt heating element creates even heat and the 15.5″ x 14″ cooking surface is the ideal palette size.
  • High end nonstick for a smooth and easy release of beautiful pancake creations. The nonstick coating is free of harmful PFOA and PTFE chemicals.
  • Adjustable temperature control for drawing and cooking pancake art. The control also includes standard temperature markings from 150F to 400F.
  • Mistakes are delicious! Don’t fret over broken pancake art or a less than perfect design. The oversized drip tray and radiused griddle edge make clean up and do-overs a breeze.
  • The Pancake Art Kit includes the tools that a budding pancake artist or professional pancake artist might need. Use the high-temperature spatula to flip large pancakes. Three 4 ounce batter pens help with the details and can be used for colored or toned pancake art.
  • The 12 ounce fill bottle is useful for refilling the batter pens, creating stacked pancake art or filling in colorful pancake art. The pancake handbook provides step-by-step guidelines to create different styles of pancake art.
  • A one month membership to with early access to tutorials and an invitation to a livestreamed class taught by one of our Professional Pancake Artists.
  • Currently only shipping within the United States (sorry to all our international future pancake artists, we’ll be shipping worldwide soon!)

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Product Description

The DANCAKES Pancake Art Griddle Kit has been specially designed by the world’s first professional pancake artists and includes everything needed to start creating pancake art at home.

The large 15.5″ by 14″ cooking surface is designed to be the palette. With a uniquely shaped 1500 watt heating element, cold spots are eliminated and the cooking is perfectly even. The adjustable temperature control indicates the ideal settings for drawing pancake art and for cooking the pancake.

It also includes standard temperature markings from 150 degrees to 400 degrees F. The high end nonstick surface is PTFE and PFOA free and allows a smooth and easy release of the beautiful pancake creations. The oversize drip tray and radiused griddle edge make cleanup and do-overs a breeze. Don’t worry if a masterpiece doesn’t turn out. After all, mistakes are delicious!

The Pancake Art Kit also includes all the following tools that a budding pancake artist might need:

The Dancakes Spatula is the handy, high-temperature tool modeled after restaurant-style turners. The added width and depth of the spatula offers more surface area for flipping pancake creations while the finely beveled edge makes carving and adjusting pancake designs easier.

The three Dancakes Batter Pens are designed to fit comfortably in the hand to provide artists a more natural drawing experience. Each 4 ounce batter pen can be used for a different color or tone of pancake batter to create a variety of designs. The 12 ounce Dancakes Fill Bottle is ideal for creating pancakes with stacked features, filling colorful pancake art or refilling the smaller batter pens on the fly.

The Pancake Handbook for Artists contains pancake art hints and tips as well as step-by-step guides for pancake art. Each guide teaches a different method to create and color pancake art including stacked designs, tonal designs and full color pancake designs.

Once you have all the gear you can head on over to our tutorials and get started on your pancake art journey!

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Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 18 × 19 × 3 in

1 review for The Dancakes Pancake Art Kit

  1. Michael Lujan

    I saw Dancakes live at D23 and he was AMAZING. He made me a Dr. Facilier pancake, soo cool. love my pancake art griddle. Been using it over 5 years now and it still works as it did the first day I got it. That giant spatula is a life saver 🙌, it has saved so many giant art pieces for me. The griddle is super easy to clean and maintain, I’ve kept the original box so it’s easier to store away. I got this griddle with the intent to learn pancake art for my future kiddo. He’s now 5 and loves to make requests. I’m no Dancakes but have made some pretty cool stuff that even I’m was amazed. THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!

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