Sahuagin from DnD - Pancake Art Sticker

Sahuagin from DnD – Pancake Art Sticker


Sahuagin (pronounced: /sɑːˈhwɑːgɪn/ sah-HWAH-gin) were a fish-like monstrous humanoid species that lived in oceans, seas, underground lakes, and underwater caves. Sahuagin spoke their own language, though some were known to also speak Common and Aquan.

Although the correct term to address them as a race was sahuagin, those that fear or despised them usually called them sea devils or even more derisively, fish heads.

(Description taken from Forgotten Realms Wiki)

(Sticker is 2.75 in x 2 in)

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Sahuagin from Dungeons and Dragons – Pancake Art Sticker

By Dancake Artist Lee Goldberg

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