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And so it begins!

Welcome potential connoisseur of the edible arts! The number one, world-traveling group of pancake art producers has come to Patreon, ready to serve up some delicious content with vibrant flare. Even before everything went digital due to the pandemic, we were interested in setting our own page up to allow fans to support our efforts; but all of our multi-tasking crew had their griddles too full of flapjack fancies at a variety of events to be able to invest time into our digital goals. Well, 2020 sought to give us that time to work on livestream and in-studio digital productions, and here we are ready to tackle 2021 with high-def pancake art shenanigans over the interwebs.

So how will this Patreon work? To start, you can either chip in a few dollars in general support, or give a few more dollars to join our Dancakes Breakfast Club. DBC members get discounts at our store, in addition to other perks we develop as we continue to create fun merch, silly videos, and other creative content for you to enjoy. Our higher tiers guarantee you a pancake commission each month, made by one of our talented crew. If you’ve ever wanted to have your face, a loved one’s face, a pet, a logo, or anything else in your life turned into an edible work of art, that tier guarantees it’ll occur. The final tier may rotate around for a bit, but to start it is a special deal on preserved pieces. After years of honing our craft and thousands of pancakes made around the world, our handyman manager Hank has developed a way to have your piece preserved and custom framed. So not only do you get a piece made by two of our amazing staff (one artist plus one Hank), you get a unique work of art made just for you. Just don’t try to pour syrup on it after. It’s permanently a feast for the eyes, and deserves only “oohs” and “aahs” after, not nibbles.

So be one of the first to help our local, Midwestern company continue to operate through the rest of the pandemic and beyond. We look forward to making you flip out alongside our pancake art flips. Thank you!

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