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Buried Treasure | The Joy of Pancakes 002

It’s here! The second episode of our fresh, relaxing new pancake art instructional/inspirational series, The Joy of Pancakes, is available here and on our YouTube channel for your Saturday morning consumption!

The prompt for this week’s episode is ‘Buried Treasure’, and I walk you through the process as I craft one of my favorite freestyle designs to give folks at events – a treasure chest. There’s something deeply appealing about the fabulous feeling one must experience upon finding a cache of buried treasure, and that’s something I always remember from the stories I heard as a kid. Treasure chests are just a neat, special thing to get! They fascinate me, and now you’ll see how I make one out of pancake batter.

I gotta say, I’m really happy with where I’m at creatively right now. We’re all grinding harder than ever at the Dancakes studio (which isn’t ideal, but a big pivot like this takes a lot of work) and one of the things I’m happiest with is the way that we’re figuring out how to apply systems to maximize the efficiency of our resources. Never before have I been able to commit to making a 30-minute long weekly pancake art TV show, but…here we are. So maybe it’s a bit of a brag but, the simple fact that we’ve published a second weekly episode (and we’ve got a bunch more filmed and ready to release) makes me feel fulfilled in a way I couldn’t have expected. It makes me think of that word, ‘execution’, that one of my favorite motivational figures on IG, Gary Vee, likes to talk about. Figuring out how to execute on the big ideas we’ve been kicking around for years makes me feel like we’re unlocking a whole as-yet-undiscovered potential within the Dancakes team. Ben, Dana, Hank and I are all learning so many new skills every single day, honing in on what makes our content great and fun to film, and realizing that we have the capacity to put out a lot more beauty into the world than we had before.

In the coming weeks, look for all sorts of fantastic new things, including more episodes of the Joy of Pancakes, more Dancakes Challenges, more prestige time lapses, preserved pancake art pieces, behind-the-scenes documentary pieces and tutorials. We’re firing on all cylinders, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride (plus there’s a new membership program we’re rolling out soon so get ready)!

The Joy of Pancakes episode 2: Buried Treasure
Hosted by Dancakes Artist Daniel Drake

Buried Treasure | The Joy of Pancakes 002

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