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Pancake Art at Connect 2019

Hey there, 

Just quickly checking in to tell you all that our “first” trade show with our own booth and our own rules went really well!

Usually when we are at a trade show we are hired as entertainment at another company’s booth. So that means we are sharing the space and working the hours we are paid to, which is fine but it is nice to make your own rules once in awhile.

Matt Johnson from Connect reached out to me about being a part of this trade show in late May.

“It’s a trade show about event planning,” he said.

Which was definitely an interesting concept, but I wasn’t sure how much it would make sense for us to pay to be there.

“We are inviting you,” he followed up with.

To which I thought, “Oh. What do we have to lose then?”.

August is usually one of our slower months, so the timing couldn’t have been better. If anything it was a great excuse to get most of the Dancakes crew together.

Long story short it was a really fantastic experience! Three days of connecting with representatives from companies all over the US. By the end of the first day we had already lined up a couple of events! It almost felt like a little work vacation, or maybe it felt like that as I rarely get to travel now that we have Jimmy to assist at larger events.

So thanks for the hard work Dan, Ben, Dana Jenny, Jimmy and D’va. Love you and appreciate you all!

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