Featured Pancake Art – Congressional Candidate Cori Bush

The MO congressional candidate, rendered in Dan's trademark pancake art portrait style.

Hey everyone! Dan here. Have you voted recently? August 4th saw a round of primaries and propositions voted on here in Dancakes’ hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, and all of us made our way out to do our civic duty. This was my best (second) attempt at drawing a pancake art portrait of a woman named Cori Bush who ran against a 19-year Democratic incumbent and won her primary! That means she’ll go on to represent the Democratic party in November’s contest. If she wins that, from what I understand she’ll be the first black woman that Missouri has ever sent to serve in the halls of Congress. I think she can do it. 
I can get pretty cynical about electoral politics but folks like Cori inspire me. She’s got the pedigree – Ferguson activist, nurse, mother, a working class representative that strikes me as the sort to empathize with the plight of the average person. I don’t really care what you politically identify as; are you authentic? Do you seem like you care about other people’s wellbeing? Then you’re alright in my book. Cori Bush checks both those boxes for me. 
Anyway, this is the first time that I know of where we’ve fired up 3 of our studio cameras for a regular ‘Dancakes Timelapse’, and this is the first time lapse video that I have personally edited. I’ve been in the studio *constantly* as we try to produce as much awesome content as we can to make it through the end of live events. Besides the art itself, I’d love to hear what you think of the video editing, too! 
Thanks for watching, Dancakes fam. I hope the future’s bright for you. 

Professional Pancake Artist Creates - Cori Bush Pancake Art

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