Featured Pancake Art – Beast (Prince Adam) from Beauty and the Beast

I never thought I'd take four hours to make a pancake, but here we are.

Tale as old as time…
Hey all! Dana here, with another pancake I took way too seriously. I went really ambitious with this one, trying to create the ambiance of a dark room, the feeling of a soft pink light reflected on the Beast’s face, and transparency through the glass that covers the glowing rose. 
This pancake took around FOUR HOURS, which is more than twice as long as the longest I’ve ever taken on a pancake, which might sound impressive until I mention that I was deeply fatigued and still delirious after just having recovered from mono. However, that four hours doesn’t even include the work I put into creating a digital thumbnail or mixing the thirty-something colors, which mostly included fades between different brown shades into neon pinks. More than any other pancake I’ve ever made, this one FELT like creating an intricate art piece. 
This one was a lot, but I’m so, SO proud of it. Especially considering this is a remake of one of my first ambitious pancakes from over three years ago. If you’ve been following us for awhile, you can probably tell that I LOVE redoing my old work. I think it’s so important to remember our growth, as people, as artists, in our relationships… and I enjoy illustrating that as brutally as possible by tearing Baby Pancake Apprentice! Dana a new one by one-upping her attempts in every way.

Despite that maybe sounding aggressive, I really do mean it lovingly, as a sign to myself and others that skills are built over time and improvement DOES happen, even if it’s hard to tell. Those subtle lighting effects? Those textures? I mean, come on, that new pancake is literally GLOWING… you think I knew how to do that right away? Putting all that absurd intricacy on a pancake takes time, but more importantly, it takes mistake after mistake after mistake. Don’t be fooled, none of us woke up good at this. We only work crazy hard and fail often in order to eventually excel at the world’s weirdest flex. 

I hope that maybe this inspires someone! You can improve at any skill you set your mind to. Have a great day, and remember, Mistakes Are Delicious~ 

Beast (Beauty and the Beast) Pancake Art

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