Featured Pancake Art – Pokemon Original Starters Pancake Art – FOR SALE! 🍃🔥💧

Fully preserved pancake art of the first nine Pokemon, made into permanent, framed art pieces, are now up for auction!

Hey all, remember our 48-hour non-stop stream a few weeks back where we made all 151 Original Pokémon? Well, if you can believe it, every single one of them has been freezedryed,  put in resin, framed, and turned into a permanent art piece!

They will ALL be going up for auction, with another 9-12 Pokémon being posted for auction every week in order of appearance (Bulbasaur first, Mew last). These will last a lifetime, and serve as a great conversation piece to anyone who hasn’t seen pancakes on walls before.

Check it out!

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