Featured Pancake Art – Sailor Moon Redraw | Dancakes Challenge

Howdy y’all! Dan here, with some of that delicious CONTENT you love us so much for.

A few weeks back Dana hit up our groupchat with some examples of artists doing the Sailor Moon Redraw – one of those social media artist prompts that asked people to put their own unique spin on a single frame of the titular character looking concerned in the iconic, classic 90s anime Sailor Moon. Now, we could have just, y’know, done the challenge…but for whatever reason it seemed like a great opportunity to dig out the ol’ Dancakes Challenge title and pit ourselves against one another. We didn’t wanna overthink it, just make a game out of the process, and now that we’ve got our studio running on all cylinders we felt we could do a really awesome video without too much effort. So, a few weeks later, bada-bing-bada-boom!

This is the first piece of content that I have personally done most of the editing for in perhaps our company’s entire 6 year history. I’m still learning the ropes of the editing software BUT! I felt pretty good about this one. I had a ton of help – Hank arranged the footage, Dana sat next to me and gave a lot of awesome suggestions (and she drew those goofy cartoon heads we use in that tiny animation there) and Ben sat in to make sure that the audio was the best it could be. I’m really looking forward to doing more videos like this – they were easy, fun, and I think most of our followers will like them, too. Let us know what you think! I could use the feedback. And hey, I’d love to hear some more challenge suggestions!! The sky is the limit here.


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