Featured Pancake Art – Galaxy Kitten

A kitten drifts wayward through the velvety depths of candy-colored galaxies. What will they discover?

Some close-ups the Galaxy Kitten! Dana here, I was stoked with this one for a multitude of reasons. The vibrancy of the background colors, the feeling of movement, the concept, the expression… but mostly, it’s just so incredibly rewarding to attempt complex, colored lighting effects and have them pay off decently.

Examples in this piece include that paw reaching out toward the star being drenched in yellow light, the “white” of the cat’s tummy, paws, tip of tail, and eyes being colored almost completely with yellow and lavender to signify shadows and lighting, the green ring around the shine in the eyes to illustrate brilliant yellow light dispersed over blue irises, the light reflected off the cat’s back being purple to imply shadow and heavy purple feedback from the environment… yeah.

I tend to play heavily with color on my pancakes, and this has to be one of my favorites for the way it takes such a cutesy drawing and makes it feel so immersive (if I do say so myself). Does someone want to tell me why my digital drawings don’t ever look nearly as good as my #%*$ing //pancakes//? Life’s wacky, man.

Galaxy Kitten Pancake Art

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