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Hi, I’m Hank – An Introduction to the Manager of Dancakes

Hey there, this is Hank of Dancakes. This is my first ever blog entry. First of all, I would like to publicly thank Ben (mruncredible.com) for creating this beautiful new website. This makes writing and posting blogs easier and more efficient.

My role at Dancakes encompasses the business side of our company as well as cultivating our image on social media. This consists of editing and posting the artists’ pancake art according to a loose schedule. When asked to contribute to the blog posts I thought “I’m not an artist. People want to know about the pancake art! No one cares about the business’s ins and outs.” After some reflection and observation of popular business figures like Gary Vee, Mark Cuban, etc… I started to think that I might be wrong. Even if people don’t care, I want to write about it.

The day-to-day workings of the business can be monotonous. I check schedules, manage finances, handle travel arrangements, answer emails and so on. Due to this, I am the first person in the company to receive crazy news and interesting requests that come our way.

In 2015, I got an email from a gentleman in Bangkok, Thailand. I took it with a “grain of salt” when he asked us to be a part of food/ music fusion festival. We get a lot of international requests , but the majority don’t pan out. I sent a pretty hefty price quote that would cover the travel expenses and a full days work of pancake art-ing, I was very surprised when he replied 12 hours later. A very prompt reply considering the time zone difference. During our back and forth, it slowly set in that this is actually going to happen. I was the first one to feel the excitement of this great news. Once the contract was signed, I hurriedly shared the news with Dan. We were the only people in the company at this point, and we embarked on our Thailand adventure together., We had a blast! It was my first time out of the country. It was crazy! I couldn’t believe there was international demand for our business. You can rinse and repeat that process. Since the Thailand gig ,we have gone to many unexpected destinations and have had requests to do events, make videos and work with companies that I never would have imagined.

I do have a lot of cool things to share. In my blog, I plan to share my Dancakes experiences. I’ve had a lot of interesting ones like hanging with Katy Perry in a kitchen for two days or ironically flying from Hell’s Kitchen, New York to go to Hell’s Kitchen the TV show. Yep, Gordon Ramsey my friends. I am excited to share all of that in a format I am learning to be comfortable with. Blogging. The word is still weird to me. I’ve kind of always thought, “I’m not that guy.” But, I never thought I would be running a pancake art business either! I guess I am that guy now. I hope you enjoy reading these. Stay tuned.

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