• Pancake Art DTIYS: Aggretsuko | The Dancakes Challenge Pancake Art DTIYS: Aggretsuko | The Dancakes Challenge by Daniel Drake (08/28/2020) She’s cute; she’s a young professional; and she is filled to the brim with rage. Her name is Retsuko, and she’s the red panda protagonist of the hot animated show, Aggretsuko – season three releases on Netflix today! On this installment of The Dancakes Challenge, join Dancakes artists and as they attempt to draw the […] Posted In: Dancakes Stories
  • Dana as Kevin from The Office Spilling Batter The Making of The Office Pancake Art by Dana Baldus (03/14/2020) Running Dancakes is a real clusterheck of a job. We’re a small company trying to do a lot of things, and  as most small business owners know that means we’re all wearing as many hats as possible to help us move forward and continue growing (social media, web content, filming/editing videos, etc, we do it […] Posted In: Dancakes Stories
  • 2009-2019 – Dancakes Artist Jenny Looks Back 10 Years by Jenny Harrison (12/20/2019) 10 years, and it has been quite the fantastic journey!   Both photos capture me on a winter adventure 💖. In winter 2009, I was a sophomore, studying animation at CSUF. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, job-wise. I just knew I loved making art, and I loved cartoons, so I was […] Posted In: Dancakes Stories
  • The Why, How & History of the Dancakes Name by Benjamin Daniel (11/12/2019) We get a lot of questions about why we use the name “Dancakes”, which is fair, only one of our chef’s jackets has the name “Dan” on it. What usually follows is an abbreviated answer about why we decided to keep the name. Now, I’m more than happy to keep answering that question until the […] Posted In: Dancakes Stories
  • Joaquin Phoenix - Joker Pancake Art Getting Better – Pancake Art and Ego by Daniel Drake (09/10/2019) Dana and I had a pretty heated argument a few days ago. We were working on this studio project for a big client, and I was being difficult, and wouldn’t listen to her suggestions. It brought up a bunch of unresolved resentment around the Dancakes team’s ability to listen to and learn from constructive criticism. […] Posted In: Dancakes Stories
  • A Venture Into The Stars by Dana Baldus (09/09/2019)   Hey all! Dana here (I’m in the middle)! I thought I’d write a little bit about our recent travel, if y’all would entertain me~ (Originally written January 26th, 2019) First off, I’d like to give credit to Ben (mruncredible.com ) for this FANTASTIC shot of us (him, Dan, and I) near Chaco Canyon in New […] Posted In: Dancakes Stories
  • Hi, I’m Hank – An Introduction to the Manager of Dancakes by Hank Gustafson (08/09/2019) Hey there, this is Hank of Dancakes. This is my first ever blog entry. First of all, I would like to publicly thank Ben (mruncredible.com) for creating this beautiful new website. This makes writing and posting blogs easier and more efficient. My role at Dancakes encompasses the business side of our company as well as […] Posted In: Dancakes Stories
  • Ben and Dan - Cigars and Stripes How I Met Daniel Drake and Became a Dancakes Artist by Benjamin Daniel (07/23/2019) It was a hot day in Austin, which isn’t saying much. When isn’t it hot in Austin? It would probably be more interesting to start this story with, “It was an inconceivably cold day in Austin,” But alas, truth, no matter how insignificant rues the day...

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