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Pancake Art Livestream Roundup – November 8, 2020

Everyone say “Welcome back, Dana!”, as she returned to the studio after some personal time to spend with family.  We had an Extra Life charity livestream the day before this, but we didn’t save our pictures from that one, sorry all.  However, this Sunday stream was quite the pancake plethora, bringing donation requests and fun suggestions alike.  It ranged everywhere from pets to people to patriotic symbols to poets to pop culture.  Thank you to repeated supporter SkyKid for once again bringing the streamer pride to our griddle.  In addition, a big thank you to STICKY Art for giving us our first livestream raid experience!  It was great to meet your fans that day.  Dana and Benjamin churned out a number of pieces, and it was a great stream to have Dana return to.

Also, a quick bonus gallery from a previous stream we hadn’t posted yet.  Thank you to repeat support Becca for two great requests:

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