Preserved Pancake Art - What Can We Make For You?

Preserved Pancake Art – What Can We Make For You?


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Product Description

If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season, our griddles are ready to produce a vibrant pancake art piece at your request!

We’ve perfected our preservation process for our creations, and this holiday season, we want to give a home to over 50 of these edible arts. We’re doing a Black Friday special that includes not only our already existing pieces, but your own requests. This is the perfect time to immortalize a loved one, pet, or anything; and yes, we mean anything, as a preserved pancake art piece in a custom made 9 x 9” frame. This limited commission offer is only available to 50 patrons, so be sure to visit our store to reserve your request today. Patrons of the preserved pieces will receive a photo of the completed piece before we frame it so they can approve it and know what’s to come.

Surprise someone with the gift of unique art for 2020!


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