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2009-2019 – Dancakes Artist Jenny Looks Back 10 Years

10 years, and it has been quite the fantastic journey!

Both photos capture me on a winter adventure 💖. In winter 2009, I was a sophomore, studying animation at CSUF. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, job-wise. I just knew I loved making art, and I loved cartoons, so I was drawn to the animation field. This photo is evidence of a rare occurrence, me skipping class! 🤫 I was a very responsible student, but this was an exceptional day day in February, NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY!! Instead, I went with my close friends up to Big Bear to play in the snow, AND get free pancakes at IHOP. Photo of me being silly 📷 by @amytakii 💖

In winter of 2019, my unexpected career as a Dancakes Artist really started to take off. It took me all the way to London, England! Ben and I had the honor of making pancakes in the Tower of London for the premier of The Kid Who Would Be King!! It was a short, but fun-filled trip. Ben captured this awesome candid shot of me while we wandered the streets of London. 📷

I’m still the same cartoon -watching girl that treasures time spent with friends, but pancakes became a much bigger part of my life than anticipated. I love it.

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