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Mistakes Are Delicious EP02 – Everyone Gets Butthurt

Hey all, we just released the second episode of our new podcast Mistakes Are Delicious. Hopefully you were able to give our first episode a listen, we are trying to get as many ears and eyes on this as we can. One thing we have learned over the years is you can’t just automatically assume that your 500,000+ social media followers will convert over to a new project. So hopefully you listen yourself, spread the word and help us get our listener count up. This has been a very fun experience so far.

In this episode we play the Butthurt game. Ben’s death won’t be mourned, Dan’s music taste sucks, Dana cares too much about her looks and Hank dresses the worst. Everyone gets butthurt, but does it bring us closer together? Listen to the episode now, we guarantee you’ll laugh our your money back 😉

Watch here:


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