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Mistakes are Delicious EP01 – We started a podcast!

Hey all, it’s been awhile since I (Hank) have written anything on our website, which is a shame. Admittedly my mind has been a little scattered every since our business took a huge hit from the Covid-19 pandemic. But with uncertainty comes opportunity, we were finally able to record and film our “first” podcast.  (Technically the third attempt, you live and learn *sigh)

It’s called Mistakes Are Delicious, named after the motto we often use in Dancakes to encourage embracing our mistakes. Mind you, this is usually used in reference to pancake art but we found it a fitting title for a podcast as we talk about our lives, the condition of world and everything in between. With the vast array of topics there is no doubt that we will find or observe mistakes and will try to spin it in something positive, comedic or, dare I say… delicious.

Hope you enjoy listening. We plan to do an episode a week for the foreseeable future. 

You can listen bellow, and please be sure to tell us your thoughts. We would love for a segment of the podcast to be answering listener questions.



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