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  • The Why, How & History of the Dancakes Name by Benjamin Daniel (11/12/2019)

    We get a lot of questions about why we use the name “Dancakes”, which is fair, only one of our chef’s jackets has the name “Dan” on it. What usually follows is an abbreviated answer about why we decided to keep the name.

    Now, I’m more than happy to keep …

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  • Group Photo at TwitchCon Wizards, Twitchon, and a view by Lee Goldberg (10/19/2019) My name is Lee Goldberg and you may not recognize me, that's OK, don't beat yourself up too much. I am the Arizona artist and resident twenty sided dice roller. I love TTRPGS and my love for it and networking has landed us a few really unique gigs. Category: Dancakes Updates
  • Framed and Preserved Joker Pancake Art Joker – Meditations on a Story by Daniel Drake (10/5/2019) There’s a lot of conversation going around right now about the film that this piece of pancake art is drawn from. People are concerned that it’s going to inspire violence. They’ve got misgivings about the director’s attitude. At the same time, it’s... Category: Dancakes Updates
  • Comfort is a Trap, Don’t Fall for It by Benjamin Daniel (9/18/2019) Purpose is a welcome curse. A spell cast upon you that gives you a drive and ambition to achieve something. It permeates your thoughts and informs nearly every decision you make. You invest money and time into planting seeds that may never bloom, and if they don’t, you go back and do it all over again. Category: Personal/Opinion
  • Joaquin Phoenix - Joker Pancake Art Getting Better – Pancake Art and Ego by Daniel Drake (9/10/2019)

    Dana and I had a pretty heated argument a few days ago. We were working on this studio project for a big client, and I was being difficult, and wouldn’t listen to her suggestions. It brought up a bunch of unresolved resentment around the Dancakes team’s ability to listen to …

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  • A Venture Into The Stars by Dana Baldus (9/9/2019)


    Hey all! Dana here (I’m in the middle)! I thought I’d write a little bit about our recent travel, if y’all would entertain me~ (Originally written January 26th, 2019)

    First off, I’d like to give credit to Ben ( ) for this FANTASTIC shot of us (him, Dan, and …

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  • Dancakes Team at Connect 2019 Pancake Art at Connect 2019 by Hank Gustafson (8/30/2019)

    Hey there, 

    Just quickly checking in to tell you all that our “first” trade show with our own booth and our own rules went really well!

    Usually when we are at a trade show we are hired as entertainment at another company’s booth. So that means we are sharing the …

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  • Lost Librarian by Daniel Drake (8/21/2019)

    I collect strange books.

    I haven’t always. It’s only been for the last two years or so that I’ve considered myself a serious reader, trying to set aside at least half an hour a day to a growing stack of esoteric tomes I have on various shelves around my home.

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  • My Name Is Daniel Drake, I Am Not Dancakes by Daniel Drake (8/19/2019)

    Y’all. It’s Dancakes. Not Dr. Dancake. Or Dr. Dancakes. Or Dan’s Cakes. Or, like, “Dan Dan the Pancake Man”??? What on Earth is that one about? (I went by Dr. Dan the Pancake Man at one point, but Dan-Dan???)

    It’s Dancakes. It’s a pancake pun. Pancakes – but with a …

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