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Planets in Space | The Joy of Pancakes 003

The third installment of our new series The Joy of Pancakes is now available for your viewing pleasure- we hope you’ll set aside some time to check it out!

(New to pancake art? Want to follow along? Check out our Dancakes 101 comprehensive pancake art tutorial and get up to speed!)

This week’s prompt was ‘Planets in Space’, another mainstay of the freestyle pancake art designs I return to at live events when folks ask me to surprise them. With a few very simple shapes and some gentle detail work you can make pictures that you’re really proud of. I hope you’ll follow along!

I’ve been talking to the team about an idea I’ve got for the Joy of Pancakes and I’d love to hear some feedback from you – our audience – in particular. If we transitioned from a once-weekly pre-filmed show to a live-streamed format, would you enjoy that? What would be the best time of day for us to stream in order to catch you at a time when you’ve got 20 minutes to spare? How often would you want to see us go live? We could conceivably put out a lot more episodes that way, and I’m excited at the possibility that I might have an excuse to connect with y’all on a consistent almost daily basis.

I spoke to my step-mom about this the other night and she suggested that we run these hypothetical streams around 3pm our time, which would be 1pm on the US west coast and 4pm on the east coast. She felt that would be the best time to catch kids when they’re awake and out of school, and parents and other folks who work from home are usually done for the day around 3 or 4 pm. So that’s the logic – but I’d love to hear from the people who are actually following and supporting us! What do YOU think? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading and supporting Dancakes, everyone. We’ve got more hot content coming so stick around! And remember: Mistakes are delicious!!!


The Joy of Pancakes episode 3: Planets in Space
Hosted by Dancakes Artist Daniel Drake

Planets in Space | The Joy of Pancakes 003

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