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Portrait of a Legend | The Joy of Pancakes 004

We’re back at it again with yet another episode of the lovely and relaxing The Joy of Pancakes! This week’s prompt? ‘Portrait of a Legend’ – I decided to try and craft a recolored portrait of the man who inspired the series, Bob Ross.

(New to pancake art? Want to follow along? Check out our Dancakes 101 comprehensive pancake art tutorial and get up to speed!)

Things are crazy in the world right now and I know there are a billion things that are asking for your attention all at once every day. We’re going to keep honing in on our production quality so we can provide the best, most valuable and enriching content we can. This 4th episode of the Joy of Pancakes will be the final one of our first batch – and forcing ourselves to commit to making and releasing at least one per week has taught us all a lot about the process. Audio, video, and flow will all be improving from here on out, and we appreciate all the feedback you have for us. Thanks for being along for the ride and helping us grow as a company, as artists and as people.

The Joy of Pancakes episode 4: Portrait of a Legend
Hosted by Dancakes Artist Daniel Drake

Portrait of a Legend | The Joy of Pancakes 004

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