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Wizards, Twitchon, and a view

As the dust settles and we’ve gone home i wanted to reflect on an amazing weekend for the Dancakes crew.

My name is Lee Goldberg and you may not recognize me, that’s OK, don’t beat yourself up too much. I am the Arizona artist and resident twenty sided dice roller. I love TTRPGS (table top roll playing games) and my love for it and networking has landed us a few really unique gigs.

We got to return to TwitchCon as guests of Wizards of the Coast for a second time. The event was a ton of fun. We made monsters and emojis and all kinds of unique pancakes. Nothing makes me happier than the reaction of someone who got exactly what they wanted as a delicious pancake.

I had a baby two months ago and one added bonus from this weekend was uninterrupted sleep, but moreover i got time to reconnect with Dan, Hank and Hank’s brother Anders. We got to enjoy the people and the con, but also beautiful San Diego, CA. We ate amazing food at Gaslamp Burger and Lucha Libre Tacos (we sat in an elevated ring and had some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever had) Played heated games of badminton and spent our last night in Mission Beach. I could go on with my love letter to San Diego, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse into our teams weekend of pancakes, wizardry and gaming.

I love being a part of Dancakes because we just enjoy our time together and get to professionally play with our food to make people happy. If you’ve ever seen out content or been to an event we performed in, then you’ve probably seen the passion and fun we have.

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