A Return Form, Lee Goldberg, Back in the Saddle

Dragon About to Breathe Fire Live Pancake Art

Hey friends, it’s your favorite Phoenician and Dancakes Artist Lee!

Life has been crazy, four months ago my partner and I had the sweetest, most beautiful baby boy, a wondrous little flapjack named Miles.

Lee Goldburg's Baby Miles
My Baby Boy Miles

One of the many side effects of having a child is that I haven’t been able to put batter to griddle in nearly 6 months. It’s been hard because I love to ‘cake, but finding time and energy to do my passion and contribute to my Dancakes family is difficult to say the least.

BUT YOUR BOY IS BACK. I just started our weekly brunch at Copper Blues Live in Dessert Ridge and I’m happy to report the first one went really well. There were a lot of nerves for sure. Would I have to start over? Would I be so rusty that the client regretted having me?

Luckily it’s just like pancaking a bike and everyone, myself included, had a blast! So, if you live in the Phoenix area, or happen to be passing through, come on down for brunch and pancake art, Sundays from 11am-2pm.

More info about this event can be found in our public calendar.

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